Opium Eyewear launches its new ‘mood sunglasses’

Opium Eyewear gets inspired by moods; launches new ‘mood glasses’ 

OP1185-C18Movies. Television. Clothes. What if everything was just black and white? Life wouldn’t be half as interesting as it is. Imagine a life without colors. There wouldn’t be a sexy without red, a cool without blue or a happy without yellow. 

Moods change by the moment. And the only thing that can express them completely is colors. Introducing Colorfornia – the fun collection of 26 wayfarers in bright and unique colors. Available in stylish combinations, these sunglasses have been created to keep up with your changing moods.

OP1185-C6Whether it’s a serious boardroom discussion or a fun beach party, tranquil summer dusk or an adventurous winter trek, there is always a pair to go with the moment. So come, flaunt the many hues of your personality and turn heads every day. Sometimes, even 26 times a day.

Every piece in Colorfornia has a translucent tone of distinct colours that bring out the understated edginess of the collection. Opium Eyewear, the sunglasses brand that promotes a live-on-the-edge culture, has launched the Colorfornia collection at various retail outlets, malls and opticians across the country. 


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