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Andy Wolf’s 2024 Heartmade Elegance

Andy Wolf’s motto for the coming year is ‘HEARTMADE’, once again focusing on what the brand is all about the preservation of old craftsmanship combined with a flair for modern design and a strong focus on sustainable production. 

ANDY WOLF sunglasses model HEART and the optical version 4811. The glasses made of a metal rim with a flat acetate inner ring are modelled after a heart. Depending on what mood you’re in on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, it’s either a broken or whole heart.

BOLDLESS aims to be a counter-current to the otherwise restrained frameless models on the market and consciously make a statement based on the hip-hop aesthetic of the 90s. To achieve this, the iconic nose bridge has been highlighted in the collection and doubled and enlarged. The temples are made of extra-thin, flexible acetate and take the force off the lenses thanks to their flexibility. The highlight of the collection is the Yohkoh model with a rainbow play on the lens – all models can be glazed optically or with tinted lenses.

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