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At Nagar Chasmaghar, we do not believe in just giving away a product, we believe in giving care & service to create a life changing experience for the consumer irrespective of their socio- economic status.

Pushpaben Patel is one of our patients who inspire us to do better. She has a zeal for life & passion for teaching underprivileged kids. She is suffering from severe dry eye due to Steven’s Johnson Syndrome. She can barely keep her eyes open and is extremely sensitivity to light and air thus finding it difficult to continue with her profession. We recommended scleral lenses for her, gave her a trial, reassured her about the ability to wear and care for these lenses. Cost was not even a factor in the first place, as we wanted to help her in whichever possible way we could. We supported her Scleral lens wear journey for the past 2 years by providing her regular free aftercare visits and solutions at optimum costs.


Polatest technology / IPROFILER

Optimum visual performance derives from the best cylinder/axis/sphere combinations, which can be determined through both subjective and objective refraction. Enhance your refraction process with the brand new subjective refraction unit from ZEISS for modern vision testing: ZEISS VISUSCREEN 500 with Polatest technology and ZEISS VISUPHOR 500.


Vergence Control Technology / i Terminal 2

i.Terminal 2 from ZEISS Another way to collect centration data With ZEISS i.Terminal 2, the latest ZEISS centration device, fitting pa ameters are captured digitally for advanced lens customization. Lens fitting plays a key ole in maximizing visual comfort, as fitting er ors can cause up to 40% loss in lens performance.


Polatest technology / Visuscreen

With the brand-new subjective refraction unit from ZEISS, eye examination becomes an interesting and at the same time comprehensive experience of vision improvement for the patient by combining the central elements, vision testing charts and phoropter, in a smart solution. operated via an intuitive iPad application for a fast and easy way to switch between test charts.

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