Arnette Space Tripper Collection

Arnette Space Tripper Collection

ARNETTE has its sights set on new adventures: and it’s time to take urban eyewear into a whole new dimension – Space Tripper is here.

Launching its 2021 brand vision without-there attitude, the capsule fast-forwards into the future with looks that are made to catch the light, day or night.

Somewhere between night-vision tech and dark matter, flashy reflector strips, pop color contrasts and high-intensity mirror shades rework the profile a daring visor and easy-on star to give streetstyle design a space-age edge, innovative biobased plastic makes sure they’ll stick around to see the earth evolve towards a more sustainable point of view.

Hypnotized by the light, graphic pop color plays or uber-cool crystal and silver combos with flash reflectors make sure this edgy semi-rim visor is always ready to launch. Inspired by this year’s hottest streetstyle trends, urban-future design and sustainable bioplastic make sure it checks all the boxes, without ever fitting into one. So, whether it’s in solar gold or nebula purple, mercurial blue or dark matte black, when it comes to the future, this one will be there to catch the light.

Taking easy-on streetstyle into a solar system of its own, this everyday look shapes up space-age design with colorful, youth icon attitude. The brightest of them all, the trendy bold profile frame is made of light, earth-friendly bioplastic for a look that is all about the future, vivid pop contrasts, reflective temple inserts and flash shades make sure it will never miss a ray.
Play with your take on make in daring color combos with bright mirror shades, in matte crystal with silver lenses, or in made-to-match black or tortoise.


Streetstyle Design With A Space-age Edge
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