Sunglasses Trends for 2021-Silhouette

Silhouette launches some classic and stylish designs which are totally retro and better than ever.

Silhouette launches some classic designs which take centre stage in the sunglasses trends for 2021. Retro shapes are back and better than ever. Tried and true frames are enjoying a revival, while pared-down, sleek new designs go hand in hand with bold, refreshing accents. Sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory, and this year, their timeless character, as well as their functionality, are on full display. The perfect sunglasses should do much more than just spice up your wardrobe for a few months. Instead, they should stay with you for the long-run, like a trusted friend. The Austrian premium eyewear brand Silhouette is ushering in the new season with an exciting, stylish new sunglasses collection. The ever-popular Accent Shades series is expanding to include some striking new models. Meanwhile, the classic Sun Lite and luxurious Bolshoi Grace collections offer many timeless designs.

Accent Shades: Silhouette Accent Rings provides the best of both worlds: rimless frames with a striking full-rim look. This collection has garnered much acclaim over the past few seasons with its unique, eye-catching allure. The women’s collection features delicate butterfly-shaped lenses, while the men’s includes classic aviators. Both exude elegant, sporty charm and create a dynamic look. The Accent Rings and matching temples are available in a selection of colours ranging from timeless to fresh and new.

Sun Lite: The new Sun Lite models combine classic full-rim designs with the signature lightness of Silhouette. These timeless frames perfectly contour the face with lenses available in Soft Rectangle for men, Soft Butterfly for women, and a unisex lens shape, Classic Panto. Choose from a broad palette of classic colours, along with a few fresh, elegant colour combinations and mirrored lenses.

Bolschoi Grace: The stunning 23-carat gold-plated Bolschoi Grace sunglasses evoke the essence of a graceful ballerina. The collection pays homage to the famous Bolschoi Theater in Moscow, which is synonymous with elegance, classical art, impressive architecture and the world-renowned Bolschoi Ballet.

These precious frames are lovingly handcrafted in the heart of Austria, using the finest materials. They are among the finest pieces Silhouette has created, available with enchanting Cat-Eye and Butterfly lens shapes. Along with the architecture-inspired shapes, the colours accentuate the modernity of this design, pairing the classic metallic tones of the frames in glossy or matte finishes with the colours of the lenses.

Handcrafted in the heart of Austria: Each of these models can be custom fitted at Silhouette’s in-house lens lab with optical sun protection lenses from Silhouette Vision Sensation® in a wide palette of colours. Alongside high quality and innovative design, functionality and protection are the focus for all Silhouette sunglasses. The patented Silhouette Light Management® technology is a perfect example of this. It offers the highest level of protection against harmful UV rays. The specially developed transmittance ranges of Silhouette’s lenses provide a pleasant brightening effect and brilliant, high-contrast colour vision, along with perfect anti-glare protection.

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