An Icon Always Stirs Attention

The TMA – The Icon From Silhouette With Its Tinted Lenses Is The New Trendy Must-Have

Frameless eyewear with tinted lenses is very in tune with the times. They’re as popular with celebrities as they are on social media. The TMA – The Icon from Silhouette combines both, has an enthusiastic following and causes a stir. This becomes clear, for example, in the partnership between Rita Ora and Austria’s global market leader in rimless premium eyewear. The acclaimed singer wowed her 20+ million social media followers with the tinted TMA – The Icon from Silhouette.

The TMA is an iconic, award-winning masterpiece of minimalistic design. Astronauts regularly take the TMA with them into space. Four new, stylish lens shapes with tinted lenses now make the classic a must-have, especially for young trendsetters. The trendy-colored look is casual and cool at the same time. Tinted lenses make the world more colorful for wearers, are demonstrably conducive to a better mood, and, this year, are an integral part of catwalks right across the world. As the market leader in rimless eyewear, Silhouette offers a perfect selection for trendy new eyewear with a range of new colors and lens shapes. This means that TMA – The Icon is now the benchmark in premium eyewear, even for young target groups.

The premium eyewear cuts the mustard with its dynamic profile, ensuring an iconic look. Its puristic high-tech titanium temples and signature hinge-free technology guarantee a perfect fit and maximum wearing comfort. In short: This icon is perfectly styled right down to the temple tips. Rounded Teardrop, Aviator, Round and Angled Butterfly offer a choice of innovative new lens shapes. When it comes to color, you can choose between Radiant Rose Gold, Cosmic Blue, Mystic Ruthenium and Spheric Silver.

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