Vision Meets Fashion

A global eyewear brand which offers complete eyewear solutions

Nova Eyewear, the global eyewear brand from Vision Rx Lab, available in more than 25 countries worldwide, offers a bouquet of eyewear solutions, ranging from advanced digital lenses to fashionable frames, powered sunglasses and swimming goggles etc. It caters to all genders, ages and lifestyles, acknowledging the spirit of the ever-so-dynamic and eclectic trend and ‘the modern day’ fashion-conscious crowd.

The brand is unique in its category as it straddles the best of two worlds: world-class vision correction technology for lenses and the latest in fashionable frames and sunglasses. Its wide range of trendy eyewear (sunglasses, lenses, frames) is globally promoted by the gorgeous Bollywood diva, Jacqueline Fernandez who is well known for her great sense of fashion and dynamic lifestyle which is in keeping with the spirit of the brand.