Nova Combos Sun: A complete Range Of Trend Setting Powered Sunglasses

Nova Combos Sun from the house of Vision Rx Lab brings to you the perfect combination of protection, exceptional comfort and clarity, and style by offering the perfect synthesis of advanced sun lens technology and trendy frames for an active lifestyle.

Designed especially for wearers of prescription eyewear, Nova Combos Sun offers a collection of complete stylish sunglasses that come with powered sun lenses with 100% UV protection, providing the twin benefits of convenient purchase and convenient pricing.

Functionality and fashion complement each other in this collection that are presented in a number of frame shapes such as rectangles, ovals, rounds and oversized with a choice of contemporary frame colours and designs. Adding to the smart chic look, is the use of the fine frame materials such as acetate, TR 90, polycarbonate, stainless steel etc. 

The choice expands further to specific needs and personal preferences with various options of tint solutions offered for enhanced clarity and comfort. Its polarized tints with advanced polarization technology help to reduce unwanted glares, allowing a comfortable viewing experience in bright conditions. Its tint range also includes new mirror tints, solid and gradient tints to further suit individual vision requirements. 

Bold and stylish designs define the collection for men. The women’s range includes very trendy styles such as modified butterfly shades in shiny translucent silhouettes. Vibrant colours and designs are perfect for youngsters. 

Another specialty of this product category is its sports sunglasses in wrap-around frames, in sturdy and anti-slip designs for better performance and futuristic look that is all the rage today.

Powered with Nova Sun Rx lenses made for a wide range of prescriptions, (from +7.00 to -7.00 including SV & PAL), Nova Combos Sun offers UV protection for every age group and lifestyle. The lenses have been designed with the Free Form technology which means sharper vision for various outdoor activities taking into account the different daylight conditions. The sun lenses are in a slim fit design, and with advanced calculation to create customized lenses for each individual they offer the wearer’s optimal precision and comfort.

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