Brows On Point

Makeup Artist Lilly Nouilati shares various tips and techniques for the perfect eyebrow look

We would like to think keeping your face stylish is as easy as throwing on a new pair of Dolce & Gabbanas’, but unfortunately there’s a lot more especially when it comes to eye makeup. These days everyone from Kylie Jenner to Huda Kattan has been patronising the ‘eyebrows on fleek’ trend. For those of you who are still to explore this trend, it refers to the perfectly shaped, filled and groomed eyebrows.

This doesn’t mean you should have exactly same styled eyebrow as everyone else. Nevertheless, maintaining your eyebrows and complimenting your style will go a long way in enhancing your personality. Before we delve into depth of the subject, let’s talk about the basics.

The 2015 eyebrow styles mainly consist of an advanced eyebrow, defined eyebrow, a natural look, and a thick, straight eyebrow. Of course, you will end up doing what you think looks best, but there’s a reason your brows grow a certain way… it’s because they know they look the best in their natural form.

LISTEN to the brow… it will guide you! Meanwhile, here are a few interesting tips that can help you to style the brows

Basic Styling Guide :4

First, before adding any makeup, place a brush along the side of your nose to find where your brows should ideally start. Second, angle the brush from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find where your brows should ideally end. Third, brush all your eyebrow hair upward with a spoolie brush. This will allow you to find your true shape and decided the next step.  Mentioned below are style tips for various types of eyebrows.

Natural or fluffy brows:

  1. Underline eyebrow with angled makeup brush and mimic your natural hairs with a tiny bit of brow powder in a lighter shade than your eyebrow. This is the best way to slowly build up your eyebrow without overdoing the makeup.
  2. Blend upward into your brow with the spoolie brush to soften any harsh lines.
  3. If you are satisfied with the density of your hair, you may set this look with a translucent brow gel. If not, then gently go through the mid-section on your brow with a brow pencil.
  4. Dip a fluffy brush in a translucent powder and trace around the perimeter of the brows. This will help set the style and clean it up a bit.

Advanced define:

For this look you can follow steps # 1and 2 from the Natural or fluffy style and continue with the steps below.

  1. Using an eyebrow pencil shade a line underneath the brow. Dab your angled brush into eyebrow or eye shadow similar to your brow hair colour. Shade a line right underneath your hair line.
  2. Next, depending on how thick you want your shape, shade a line above your brow. 6 
  3. Starting from the mid towards the outer end of the brow (the tail of your brow up), Take an angled brow brush and softly fill in the lines.
  4. Comb out the inner corner of the brow with a spoolie brush.
  5. Set your brows. Use a translucent gel to keep all your hairs in place. Starting in the middle, pull all hair straight up, then the tail section out.
  6. Finally, using a flat definer brush, dip in to a concealer and paint it tightly under your eyebrow to really make the brow pop.

Straight eyebrows:  (Suites long face shapes)

  1. Groom. Using tweezers or eyebrow shaver clean up any unwanted strays around the eyebrow.
  2. Fill in the empty area where your arch goes up with an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than your natural hair color.
  3. Then, with powder and a thin angled brush, fill in towards the end, and come back to the front and fill in towards the middle using short strokes.
  4. Use an eyebrow pencil one or two shades lighter than your hair color to define the edges around your brows.
  5. Sweep your spoolie through the hairs to blend the color.
  6. Repeat step #6 from ‘advanced define’ style. Additionally, using your normal foundation and definer brush go ahead and clean up above the brow to complete the look.

Lilly Nouilati


Who is Lilly Nouilati?

Lilly is a renowned makeup artist who has been associated with various prestigious projects in New York including Broadway. Even though she is a qualified litigator, Lilly opted to pursue her creative instincts and established her career as a makeup artist. Currently based out of Dubai, Lilly has worked with several models and magazines for their photoshoots.

Q: Does the shape of the face determine which brow style I should choose?

A: Yes and no. Yes, because if you want to alter you face to seem more oval (the most desired face shape) you can use your eyebrow style to achieve the look. Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears and many more have been spotted sporting this look. To shorten your face, you can make less of an arch, gearing towards a straighter brow. To elongate your face, make the arch a bit higher than your natural arch. However, if you are not bothered by your face shape than simply style your beautiful brow according to where the brow bone is and enhance the slight arch.2

Q: I can never get my eyebrows exactly the same. Usually one comes out perfect and the other looks completely off. Is there any way to help me with this?
A: Yes, fortunately you can find more and more brands coming out with eyebrow stencils to help you style a certain shape. For instance, a super helpful kit that includes stencils is the Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit (more info in ‘Brow Treats’ section). I think you will only need it a couple times before your hand learns the way to do it on its own.

Q: I generally don’t have the motivation to do my eyebrows daily. Do you have any alternative advice for keeping my brows still looking presentable?

A: You’re not alone! I am the same way, and my best advice for this situation is to hit a beauty salon every 2-3 weeks and let them handle those bushy brows for you. In the meantime, try using a tinted eyebrow gel. I have incorporated this quick and handy product into my makeup regime and it really gives the illusion that I took time to style my brows.

3‘Eyebrow Treats’ (Beauty Leads)

There are dozens of eyebrow styling products out there, but these are a few of the must-have products to follow the step-by-step guide.

  1. Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel- It gives the illusion your brows are fuller and sets the hairs in place. Two shades; Light/Medium & Medium/Deep.
  2. Spoolie Brush- This underrated brush will really come in handy while styling and can be found at any beauty or drugstore.
  3. Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit-This kit is perfect for anyone not completely sure which products to purchase. Most importantly, the brow stencils will help you create the desired shape.
  4. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer- It will make the brow more defined by putting this inexpensive concealer under your brow.