Under Armour Eyewear Collection

Under Armour Eyewear Collection

The new Under Armour eyewear collection includes optical frames and sunglasses for men, women and youth

UA TUNED™ performance lenses are scientifically engineered for ultimate visual precision by sport. Each UA TUNED™ lens filters in the light you need to create a sharper color separation, enhanced visual detail and heightened contrast within varied sport environments.

100% PROTECTION – Against brightness sunlight.

DEPTH PERCEPTION – Increase depth perception and deliver the brightest field of vision with maximum image definition.
SHARP VISION – The right compromise to see higher contrasts and vibrant colors in their surroundings and details of the environment with more balanced color perception.

WATER AND SMEAR RESISTANT - All Performance Sunglass lenses & Tuned lenses have hydro/oleophobic coating applied to front & back of the lenses.
The hydro/oleophobic coating repels water, dust, oil and dirt from the lenses and stay clean longer offering optimal visual results.
Z87+ANSI RATED - UA Eyewear marked with Z87.1 guarantee high-mass and high-velocity impact production under the impact safety requirements of ANSI/ISEA WZ87.1-2015. Meets OSHA requirements of all eye protection.

MIRROR LENSES - Multilayer mirrored lenses combination of mirror coatings offering top quality, performance, durability & scratch resistance.
Specific colors, such as the Infrared Mirror, additionally absorb harmful infrared waves offering further protection to the eyes.

POLARIZED LENSES - With polarization cut through the glare and see it all. Polarized lenses contain a filter that polarizes light, blocks reflections, and prevents glare.
High contrast polarized lenses have filters with a special dye inside the mixture which blocks the areas of overlap between the colors offering greater contrast between the colors and consequently higher definition of the image.

NITINOL MEMORY METAL - Nitinol Memory metal temples are extremely lightweight, flexible and durable. Adjustable rubber non slip temple tips.

FLEX TEMPLE - Flexible temple with lasered rubber temple tips in color contrast. High flexibility and resistance thanks to the Auto lock stop hinge.
Under Armour Eyewear collection is produced and distributed by Safilo Group.

Clarity Of Vision To Help Reach Peak Potential
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