One Pair of Glasses, Endless Possibilities 


It is that time of year when we pack up our colourful summer clothes and reach for those monochrome winter coats, oversized wool sweaters and cardigans, as well as heavy boots. Winter fashion is all about creating sharp contrasts, using interesting prints, striking combinations and layers so that you not only look cool but also feel comfortable. Rimless Sivista frames from Silhouette let you add a truly personal touch to your winter outfit, allowing your personality to shine through. The timeless charm of these rimless glasses makes them a new must-have for every winter wardrobe. Match them with casual chic, evening wear or your business look. Sivista frames are always the right choice, no matter what the occasion.

Color-in-color for the Fall:

Monochrome, minimalistic fall fashion will never go out of style. Match them with the right pieces, striking prints and unique accessories, and, next thing you know, you’ve created a dynamic street-style look. Our tip: don’t be afraid to reach for some bolder colours now and then for a refreshing alternative to classic earth tones. If you feel like making a real fall fashion statement, the Sivista collection from Silhouette is the perfect place to start.

A new take on business wear:

We all know that in the world of business fashion, there’s no beating a shirt, suit and tie. This leaves many of us wondering how we can ever hope to leave a lasting impression with our style around the office. Dare to stand out with the vivid colour palette of the Sivista collection. Bold new colours like Digital Teal and Soft Sloe help you put a unique spin on your business suit or dress, while the shapes of the prescription lenses ensure a timeless, professional look.

Summer all year long:

Sad to say goodbye to your colourful summer style? Now you don't have to! Striking colours have taken the fashion world by storm, making them one of the year’s top trends. For a truly outstanding look, mix and match several different tones. Your imagination is the limit. And the new Sivista frames bring the high-fashion colour trend to the world of eyewear. The collection offers stunning looks for any style, from avant-garde to traditionalist.

Just remember: the Sivista collection from Silhouette is not only about making a timeless fashion statement, but it’s also the perfect way to showcase your own unique and multifaceted style.



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The right choice, no matter what the occasion

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