LINDBERG Launches Thintanium, The Future Of Titanium Eyewear

LINDBERG Launches Thintanium, The Future Of Titanium Eyewear

LINDBERG presented recently, the new thintanium collection, a brand-new eyewear concept from the Danish design brand, taking lightness to a new level with a technique that has never been possible in the history of eyewear design.

The recently launched collection is named after the revolutionary thin titanium strips developed by LINDBERG. The eyewear looks essentially rimless in appearance, while still maintaining the stability of a full titanium front – a truly remarkable feat. Using the hypoallergenic material in such a minimalistic way makes the designs weigh as little as 3.0 grams. The designers and engineers of LINDBERG have pushed the possibilities of titanium to new levels by creating most likely the thinnest full-plate titanium eyewear collection in the world, cutting-edge and minimalistic – setting the tone for the future of eyewear fashion.

LINDBERG’s constant attraction to technical innovation has resulted in leading-edge development with titanium. Introducing a brand-new and patent-pending eyewear collection, thintanium is manufactured in Denmark by in-house experts with ultimate expertise and care put into every piece.

Henrik Lindberg, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of LINDBERG states, "It is with great pleasure from myself, the design team, the technical design team and the whole of the company to present to you the latest addition to our LINDBERG designs. I'd like to reveal to you the name of the new product, thin tanium. The name says a lot already – something very thin and made of the unique element of titanium... LINDBERG's DNA concentrates on unique designs, unique technical solutions, and of course, working with unique materials. The search to always be optimised by creating, designing, constructing, and producing the impossible drives the company from the beginning to where the brand is today. We have been in situations where challenges arise, where new technological levels are needed to face the goal. Only recently, expert engineers and tool makers have succeeded in cracking the problem."

The ultra-thin models feature a brand new, fully integrated screwless hinge, a prominent visual element to the design. Thintanium is the quintessential union of functionalism and minimalism – a perfect embodiment of LINDBERG’s design DNA. The collection carries all the benefits of the LINDBERG building system, which means everything can be tailormade to your preference and comfort. The models also allow tinted lenses to turn them into fashionable statement pieces.

The LINDBERG thintanium collection is the distinguishable benchmark for the future of titanium eyewear.

Quintessential Union Of Functionalism And Ninimalism
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