Silhouette International

Silhouette International

Silhouette International has been creating innovative eyewear of the utmost precision and quality for more than 55 years. From its roots as a small start-up, it has grown into an international market leader in the premium segment of rimless glasses.

Its headquarters in Austria and the investments that have been made since the company was founded have ensured that, over the decades, the company has continued to develop ist quality leadership in the premium eyewear segment. As well as extremely high standards of craftsmanship, it has shown an unrelenting commitment to quality and design, as well as to ist location in Linz, Austria.

With 13 of its own international subsidiaries and a regional office, the company is the market leader in the premium segment of rimless glasses, which have given Silhouette International global renown and success. Export accounts for 95 % of its production. The glasses are available in over 100 countries.

With Silhouette as its core brand, the company introduced the trendy urbanwear brand neubau eyewear in 2016 and the sports brand evil eye in October 2019. Its focus is on quality, first-class materials and innovative design, for which it has received 74 awards to date. Since 2017, the company has been a complete provider of ‘Made in Austria’ frames and lenses with a passion for sustainability.

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