Lina Waled, Dubai Based Celebrity Makeup Artist Answers Queries of Y&E Readers

Celebrity makeup artist Lina Waled answers questions of You&Eye readers. You can also leave your questions as comments below

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My eyes look sunken and swollen even on a regular day and I also wear glasses. Can you suggest some kind of eye makeup to diminish this effect?

I suggest using a peach colored concealer like Bobbi Brown’s Light Bisque. Apply a black eye pencil on the top part of your eyes only and smudge it, and a beige or pearl color inside the inner rims of your eyes. Curl your lashes and apply several coats of waterproof black mascara . This will keep your eyes looking bright and awake. Finish off with a glossy lip.

My eyebrows are really thin and I have to use liner on them. Please suggest some tips to make the liner look natural.

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Use MAC’s Lingering eye brow pencil. Because it’s super-thin, you can draw natural-looking brows. Feather-stroke each application as if you’re drawing little hairs. Start in the middle and taper off your eye brows at the end for a pointed finish. Brush them in place. Another option is using Espresso eye shadow from MAC with an angle brush for the most natural effect.

What is the best way to get rid of stubborn eye makeup particularly when you sleep with it?

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Ideally, you must take off all of your eye makeup before you go to bed or you will end up with infections! Soak a cotton ball with an oil-based makeup remover like L’Oreal’s and gently wipe it off. Sephora’s Gel-Based eye makeup remover is also phenomenal and takes everything off. Keep a box of makeup remover wipes by your bed for nights when you’re exhausted and can’t be bothered, and make sure you cleanse your face in the morning and apply moisturizer and eye cream.

Who is Lina Waled?

Award winning makeup artist Lina Waled has worked for several models as well as celebrities. Passionate about the art of makeup, Lina has worked for some of the leading magazines across the globe. In addition to her makeup studio, Lina also shares the latest makeup techniques on her YouTube channel.

You can also log in to her webiste more details