Common Eye Makeup Related Questions Answered By Our Experts

Eye makeup can get tricky at times especially when you have no one to guide you about what’s right what’s not. Basis the suggestions sent by our readers, we have compiled some commonly asked questions regarding eye makeup and got answers from Rachael Hugill, hair and makeup expert , Miella Salon, Dubai

Can you suggest some simple eye makeup tips that can help enhance my facial features especially since I wear thick frames?

When wearing glasses the general rule of thumb is if you wear large, thick, black or brightly colored frames you should opt for more muted subtle tones of eyeshadow to enhance the look. For example soft pastels or earth colours are an excellent choice to be included in your eye makeup. Also, try a smokey effect as it works well to add softness and sophistication to your eye makeup without being dull or boring.

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I have thin eyebrows. What kind of makeup would you recommend to make them look fuller and more beautiful?

One of the most frequently asked questions when I’m applying makeup is always revolving around that desire to get perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, a perfect eyebrow is not easy to do. You can try makeup. But, with eyebrow shape/ style constantly changing with the latest trend it’s best to get your brows professionally looked at especially when you are getting dressed for a party.

Any suggestions to keep the eye makeup from smearing and spreading?

Living in a hot/humid climate can play havoc with our makeup causing it to melt/smear. However, simple tips like using a primer before applying your foundation provides a base to hold makeup in place and keeps foundation set for the rest of the day.For long lasting eye makeup refrain from using foundation on your lids, instead use an eye primer, it will minimise creasing and create a long lasting base for your shadow.


What kind of eye makeup goes well with an evening gown attire particularly when you are dressing up for a party?

Ideally, using a waterproof mascara and liquid liner should help to enhance the longevity of your makeup. All you need to do is use the right products in the right way. These two products will prevent the ‘Panda eye’ effect which is credited as one of the most  common causes of eye makeup smearing for the ladies.

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