Lacoste Blending Fashion With Performance

Lacoste Blending Fashion With Performance

Lacoste unveils their new Collection for 2023

Since the invention of its iconic Polo shirt in 1933, Lacoste has been a pioneer French brand that has successfully united the worlds of sport and fashion. In line with its commitment to sustainable initiatives, Lacoste has unveiled its sun and optical eyewear man collection for 2023.

The latest collection showcases the brand’s innovative approach through refined silhouettes, a blend of materials, and distinctive motifs. This assortment is defined by its sophisticated shapes and material combinations, embodying a harmonious blend of sports heritage and urban allure.

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In this Campaign, Lacoste Eyewear makes a possible encounter between two communities: the ‘Rap Devotees’ and the ‘Tennis Fanatics’.

Lacoste’s dedication to sustainability is reflected in the use of plant-based resin and renewable carbon, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The brand’s iconic crocodile logo is recognized worldwide, connecting all cultures and promoting respect for each other’s style. Lacoste’s elegance transcends cultures and generations, making it a timeless brand that never goes out of style.

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