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Kerala’s only Luxury Eyewear Boutique brand. The Spectacle company deals with different luxury brands under a single roof and has outlets in Kochi and Calicut cities. We desire to change how people perceive eyeglasses as just a utility. but also a symbol of luxury and style.

Concept 01

Chair unit AR lensometer, Retinocope, LCD, Retinocope, PD metre

Human Resources

Ansar Ahmad Ansari


Qualifications: D.R. OPT, B.OPT, M.OPT
Working experience: 10 years

Ankit Yadav


Completed his training under my supervision for 1.5 years and I provided him experience certificate.

Our Outlets

Head Office / Store

Dr. I. A. Ansari, Near Noor Masjid Gali Pandey Ka Purwa Saryu Nagar Kunda Pratapgarh, 7/78, Kunda, Uttar Pradesh, 230204, India
Phone No +918079058902

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