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TOWER OPTICS. Started in 1988 by Sanjay Mehta 2 years before completing his Bachelor Degree in Optometry. Over the years TOWER OPTICS has become a leading practice of real and complete EYECARE. Coming from a humble but enterprising background has been able to set a different benchmark in Chennai. With the able support from the Optical and Optometric fraternity it has set a benchmark of what an Eye Care practice should be.

Concept 01

 Nikon Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera with its 12 mega pixel camera gives ultra high definition images of retina, optic disc even in a tiny pupil thereby enables me to detect , diagnose retinal conditions in just few seconds, eliminating the need of dilating the pupils. The retina pictures can be shown and shared to the patient immediately enabling better understanding of the eye condition by them making it the most user friendly device.

Concept 02

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a noninvasive eye scan that uses low-powered lasers to create 3D images of the retina, optic nerve, and cornea. It’s an optical analog of ultrasound imaging that uses low coherence interferometry to capture optical scattering from the tissue to decode spatial details of tissue microstructures. My Optovue Posterior OCT has helped in diagnosing in the last year 9 Glaucoma cases, one macular hole & one papilledema causing cavernous sinus blockage , a life threatening serious condition. This device is considered a gold standard among all OCT devices and with this device in my clinic has taken my practice to a different level in the eyes of my patient.

Concept 03

The Optovue OCT has also Anterior Attachment enabling me to check Anterior Chamber Angle accurately ( helpful in diagnosing Narrow Angle Glaucoma) , Corneal thickness ( Pachymeter ) across almost a wide area of the Cornea which helps in knowing the Elevation map of the Cornea , which has helped me in detecting 6 Keratoconus cases in the last one year. Also it enables me to check the fitting of Contact lenses in fine details both Regular & Scleral on the cornea. The device stores the results and it can be transferred to any storage device, printed in color immediately.

Concept 04

Elisar AVA is a head mounted low cost, light weight Visual Field Analyzer which detects accurately the tiniest defect very quickly. It offers
1. Foveal threshold testing
2. Test pattern 24-2, 30-2 and 10-2
3. Test strategies including screening, full threshold, Elisar Standard, and Elisar Fast
4. Fixation monitoring, eye-tracking system.
It generates report in a blue tooth connected handheld tablet immediately. It has enabled me to conclude the diagnosis of my Glaucoma & other retinal devices conclusively.

Human Resources

Sanjay Mehta

Optometrist / Proprietor

From the 2nd batch of Elite School of Optometry , started his practice by the name TOWER OPTICS at Anna Nagar, Chennai while he was entering his 3rd Year in the year 1988. He started his Optometry Practice in the year 1990 with minimal instruments has seen around 35000 patients & around 10 lakh Customers till date. He has given innumerable lectures. Glaucoma, Retina are his favorite subjects with his knowledge spread across all the aspects of the Profession. His Clinic has been awarded as Number 1 among all the Opticians of India in the Year 2022 by Carl Zeiss & in the Year 2023 was awarded as the 2nd best. His Clinic has set a benchmark on what an Optometric Clinic should be.The Clinic setup comprises 5 Step Slit Lamp, AutoRefractometer with Keratometer, Applanation Tonometer, Retinoscope, Direct Ophthalmoscope, High Resolution Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera , Pachymeter, Non Contact Tonometer, Portable Visual Field Analyzer & OCT for a Comprehensive Eye Examination. His poster was awarded as the BEST at IVI 2023 held in October 2023. His pathological finding pictures have featured twice in Ophthalmic Photographer’s Society, USA, the only Indian Optometrist to have featured in. He has given innumerable Lectures and conducted Workshops at various Optometric Events.In January 2024 he was the Chief Speaker at an Event organized by the Indore Optometric Association where his 60 slide presentation on Retina was appreciated by the Ophthalmologists present in the audiece. Being an active member of all Optometric Organizations in India , believes that true recognition of the profession will happen only when more & more Optometrist start their own Optometric Practice as our Country with it’s huge population is the best place in reaching out to the masses and thereby really serve the country.

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