Silhouette Partners With Rita Ora

Musical supernova and fashion icon Rita Ora is known for creating bold, glamorous looks, which she regularly shares with her 20 million+ social media followers. In her latest series of posts, Rita steals the spotlight once again while showing off Silhouette’s 2022 Sun collection with her head-turning appeal.

Fascination for the eyes
Austrian brand Silhouette is known and loved by celebrities around the world for creating ultra-light eyewear. Silhouette strikes a delicate balance between quality craftsmanship and innovative high-tech production. Silhouette’s signature designer eyewear is the perfect complement to Rita’s vibrant looks.

Breathtakingly stylish and unforgettably glamorous
Showing off Silhouette’s Special Edition Futura Dot, limited to just 1964 pairs worldwide, Rita is boldness personified. This absolute must-have for trendsetters underscores the singer’s energetic personality and self-confidence.

In the tradition of music legends
Commenting on the company’s social media partnership with the pop icon, Silhouette Brand Director Atissa Tadjadod, said: “Rita Ora is the perfect fit for the Futura Dot and its heritage. Music legends wore the Futura back in the 1970s, making it a coveted collector’s item. Rita Ora is now carrying on this tradition.”

Speaking of the Rimless Shades collection, Tadjadod added, “Rita’s boldly-confident personality perfectly reflects the glamorous, statement-making nature of the rimless Fisher Island eyewear.”

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