Bally Eyewear Fall Winter 2021-22

Bally Eyewear Fall Winter 2021-22

Reflecting the natural inspirations of form and style running through the new Bally Eyewear collection, the new season sunglasses and optical range are easy-elegant looks finished with contemporary brand details.

The collection centers around timeless shapes finished in refined metal or acetate in muted summer shades of transparent coral, deep havana and matte light blue. Bally’s collections are designed with a focus on small details that recall its rich heritage. The iconic Bally Grip motif, as found on the soles of Bally’s shoes, reappears subtly on nose pads, front pins, and temples. Purposefully, this pattern borrows cues from the legendary Sparta Grip, which first donned the soles of Bally’s hiking boots in the late 1920s.

All styles are designed with an international consumer in mind and are delivered in universal Smart Fit and Asian Fit design.

The all new eyewear collection is available at Bally’s boutiques worldwide, on and via Marcolin’s distribution partners.

Easy Elegant Looks Finished With Contemporary Brand Details
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