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KANNADI is a budding optician love to serve Eye and Eyewear lovers. Dreaming to become the sweet Heart of the Ultimate users. Our showrooms have some of the widest range of frames, sunglasses & contact lenses available in the market from International brands. This offers you a fantastic range of choice to get the look that you desire. Our trained sales staff can also guide you in this process to ensure you get the perfect glasses for your face.


Auto refractometer

Auto refractometer It is used to check the power of Eyes through auto-refraction.

Subjective correction is done after getting the readings from the Auto refractometer.



It is used in our store for objective refraction of the eye by way protecting a beam and observing the reflex .It is easy to carry & for eye testing camps we use to take this equipment with us easily..

Schiotz Tonometer:
It is used to examine the eye pressure through contact method.. 18-2a is the normal pressure, whereas above 2a is seems to be treated immediately..

Lens tray:
Different types of lenses, plus and minus present in order to prescribe the refractive power.


Slit lamp

Slit lamp is an instrument consisting of a high-intensity light source that can be focused to shine a thin sheets of light into the eye. It is used in conjunction with a a bio- microscope. Through slit lamp we can examine the retina, fundus area of the patient through 9aD lens

Human Resources

Name – Methab.S

Education ; Optometrist

Name – M.Mohamed Azharudeen

Education; Optometrist & store Manager

Name – F.Sadiq basha

Education; Sales incharge, store Manager

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