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Our Expertise in Clinical Support

Avi’s Opticians,  being situated in a small town in Goa strives to give the best possible eye care for almost 2 decades. Avi’s Opticians is a Registered Trade Mark under Trade Mark Registry Government of India. Ashwin now handles the business now is a qualified optometrist, completed his Masters in Optometry and give the best eye care service and appropriate advice on eye conditions and also helps in suggesting on the best possible eyewear for better quality of vision and to improve the work productivity.

We offer the best brands like Tommy-Hilfiger, Polaroid, Pierre Cardin, Stepper, Levis, Ray Ban, Vogue to name a few to our clientele. Also, we have our own in-house brand of spectacle frames ‘Benjamin Maryani’ with wide range of collection for both men and women at affordable price.

Also, being up to date with the latest trends, we have one of the most advanced spectacles dispensing unit Eye Partner from Essilor which makes us to give the best possible vision through personalized lenses for complicated prescriptions thus, making our clientele more than happy with our products.


Tonometer / Refraction / Slit Lamp /
Keratometer / Focimeter

Refraction Unit with all the fundamental optometry equipments including trial set. motorised chair, Digital Vision Chart Appasamy 2 step slit lamp ( AIA – 12 2S ) Appasamy Applanation Tonometer – (AATM 5001) Keratometer – Bausch & Lomb Type Focimeter – Topcon CL300


Retinoscope / Ohthalmoscope / Vision Therapy /
Ishihara Chart

Heine Retinoscope (BETA 200) Heine Ophthalmoscope (BETA 200) Vision Therapy – Near W4DT Stereogram cards (Cat cards) Anaglaphys Accomodative Flippers +/-2.00 Hart Chart Brock String Vertical & Horizontal Prism Bar MEM / Fixation cards Ishihara Colour Vision Chart -38 Plates


Diagnostic Strips – Fluorscein Strips Schirmer’s Strips RGP Trial Set- Purecon


3nethra classic

It is a non mydriatic fundus camera used for eye imaging for both posterior and  and anterior segment of the eye.

Its takes the fundus picture with FOV of 45 degrees.

Human Resources

Ashwin D’souza
Consulting Optometrist
Rakshanda Naik


Sales Executive

Supriya Naik


Sales Executive

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Head Office / Store

Chamunda Apartments, Shop No GS-9, Below LIC Office,Behind HDFC Bank,
Curchorem, Goa – 403706 India
Phone : +91 8322605449


Garden View Building, Near Municipal Garden, Next to Dena Bank, Margao – 403601 Goa , India
Phone : +91832730764