Eye-catching prescription glasses

The world’s lightest glasses, now available in distinctive full-rim designs

First impressions are everything, allowing you to project an image and your own personal style. It’s also true that corrective lenses have come a long way over the past few decades. What were once just vision aids have evolved into true fashion statements that allow us to see and be seen. And because Silhouette gives you the freedom to select your own lens shapes and colors, there’s now a new generation of premium glasses, combining high functionality with timeless appeal. For years, the Austrian premium eyewear brand has built a reputation for unparalleled lightness, the utmost comfort, innovative technology and timeless design. With its unmatched expertise and non-stop drive to innovate, Silhouette has become the leader in premium rimless eyewear. And now it is bringing its legacy of eye-catching modern design to the full-rim market too, with over 30 new full-rim models that combine classic flair with unique style. This is eyewear that you’ll never want to take off.

Infinity View

Are you a fan of innovative design and sophisticated-yet-understated style? Look no further than the Infinity View collection. The range channels Silhouette’s unique design philosophy while drawing inspiration from contemporary shapes. The result is prescription lenses that wow with their high-tech build and top quality then take your breath away with their timeless style. Transparent frames add a contemporary touch that gives you seemingly endless vision. And with almost limitless combinations of colors and shapes to choose from – with tones ranging from the zesty to the more earthy – you have total freedom to create a unique look.

Lite Spirit

Calling all 90s lovers! The Silhouette Lite Spirit collection is here and it’s bringing back a set of beloved retro icons. The small, sophisticated shapes of these prescription glasses conjure up the distinctive style of the era for a timelessly chic look that never goes out of style. Meanwhile, you have a choice of frames, ranging from soft, subtle tones to the latest on-trend colors. But that’s not all: you also have a choice of two round-lens models and two frames with a square design. The craftsmanship in every detail and the timeless style elevate the Lite Spirit range to the level of fine jewelry. One thing is certain: these new models are sure to join the ranks of timeless style icons, making them this year’s must-have accessories.

Momentum Fullrim

This year, it’s all about showing your true colours. The new Momentum Fullrim collection allows you to do just that, with a palette of new tints that is both unique and refreshingly different. And the magic doesn’t stop there. The enchanting butterfly shapes are available as both an oval model as well as two different square versions. This collection allows every glasses lover to find their personal go-to color, which perfectly complements their own unique personality and allows it to shine through. It’s never been easier to be yourself and show off your individual style. Just trust your instinct and choose the color that most speaks to you.