Silhouette: #tryitwearitloveit

Silhouette Eyewear is all set to make you try their styles and then make you love them! 

With powerful colour combinations and brilliant colour gradients, the new unisex sunglasses Titan Breeze with multi-colour lenses provide brilliant views.Silhouette

Adding spark to a day under the sun, these eyewear models are authentically light, stylish and designed to make you go gaga!

The new shades are built with impressive combinations striking vibrant hues for this trendy season. From 1980s flair to metallic elegance – these shades set the tone for summer.

Another feature stylish ladies can look forward to is the eyeshadow effect: the upper part of the lens in Blue or Petrol Green makes eyes pop without the help of cosmetics.

But that’s not it. The styles for this season are a bright spot on your face that you cannot ‘not’ love! 

Like the ones we displayed above? Let us know.

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