Silhouette: Stylish All Summer Long


Exploring the romantic alleyways of Venice, tasting exquisite wines in La Rioja or relaxing among the palms on a deserted beach in the Algarve. Our expectations for our next vacation are higher than ever, thanks not only to our imaginations, but also to Google image searches and vacation pictures from bloggers and friends on Instagram. But let’s face it: as soon as we land at our dream destinations, social media fantasy is often a far cry from the reality.


Whenever hundreds of people try squeezing through the Venetian alleyways all at once, turn a wine-tasting into a tourist trap or block the Portuguese seaside from sight with their parasols, your long awaited vacation turns into a nightmare.


So, hop in your rented convertible and escape the crowd. Far beyond the throng of tourists, there are authentic villages and exclusive coves with waters glistening in the sun. It’s all about being flexible. That’s exactly the philosophy behind the stylish and practical Style Shades from Silhouette. Flexibility starts not with travel-planning, but with your travel bag. Whenever the weather suddenly turns from rain to sun, or your vacation checklist features a wide variety of experiences, Style Shades offer you the flexibility to face any situation in style – without having to tote alon of glasses. In the blink of an eye, these rimless Silhouette glasses transform into a trendy pair of sunglasses with 100% protection against harmful sunlight.
With their visionary, made-in-Austria design, Style Shades are available in five different shapes, each with two different colours.


There’s a perfect combination for any occasion, always matching your personal taste. From cool aviators to timeless cat-eyes, you’ll never have to waste precious space in your travel bag with a second pair of glasses again. Harmful UV-A, B and C radiation don’t stand a chance and you’re all set for a carefree, sunny vacation.
When the sun comes out, the optical eyewear can be turned into a perfect pair of sunglasses in just seconds. That hidden beach in Portugal, which has rightfully earned the title of a secret tip, is just a short drive from the crowded tourist beach. Who needs the cluttered jungle of parasols when you can just as easily kick back under the shade of a cypress tree and enjoy the splashing waves of the Atlantic without a care? Next thing you know, you’re leaving the crowded streets of Venice b relaxing over a glass of red wine in a secret little gallery. Then your Style Shades can be safely tucked away, hardly noticeable inside your bag. When you wear a Silhouette, your perfect vacation never ends.