Silhouette Accent Shades All summer Long

Glossy Caramel, Mint Rose and Co. are not new ice cream flavors; they are Austrian premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette’s cool answer to the dreary winter days ahead…

The Accent Shades collection sets a new tone for the fashion world, because nothing is lovelier than feeling the winter sun on your skin and imagining a moment of summertime, sunshine and seaside. Buying a new pair of sunglasses at your favourite optician is simply the cherry on top. Under the motto “into the sun”,  Silhouette  introduces the latest trends and new models.

This season, street-style aficionados will love the new statement sunglasses with their hip pastel tones. The bigger the better! Now that 90s micro-shades revival has come and gone, oversized lenses are back and bigger than ever. Silhouette head designer Roland Keplinger drew inspiration from nature and the wings of the giant blue Peruvian butterfly, Morpho didius, which also features a dark edge. The rimless sunglasses have large, expressive lens shapes and are enhanced by rings without apperting heavy.


Their pastel, translucent colours accentuate the lightness of their shapes. Cutouts harmoniously incorporate the glass clips and temples into the design, producing a particularly charming and refined effect. The new Silhouette Light Management technology offers optimal protection against not only dangerous sunlight but also harmful blue light produce, for example, by smartphone screens.

Sophisticated modern retro chic: invoking the spirit of the 1070s, the macro-shapes for women have been reinterpreted for a new generation. The subdued, poetic tones of the colour palette exude summer vibes with their pastel nuances. The selection of lenses ranges from Grey, Mint Rose, Glossy Caramel or Gold to Brown. The 80s inspired men’s model features a classic colours Green and Brown. From monochrome tinting to a mirrored gradient, the collection caters to every taste, giving wings to the wearers’ personality, just like Morpho didius.