Silhouette: Designed With Passion!

Silhouette’s Perret Schaad collection is gaining popularity around the globe. The brand has teamed up with the young designers and redesigned the iconic Titan Minimal Art in a special edition

Silhouette’s design icon, Titan Minimal Art is redesigned with Perret Schaad. This Special Edition collection gives the Titan Minimal Art unique contours that create an impression of a full-rim frame while providing an impressive matt-gloss effect.

The innovative Silhouette technology and new Perret Schaad design concept provided a framework to reinterpret the iconic eyewear model TMA-The Icon. The ‘Perret Schaad for Silhouette’ Special Edition looks like a full-rim model but offers the TMA’s traditional wearing comfort. This is made possible with Silhouette’s “Print On Lens” technology, where the rim is printed directly onto the lens. In addition, cut-outs ensure a dynamic look and lightness.


Perret Schaad


Fashion Meets Design

Perret SchaadThe new sunglasses by the design duo sparks in dramatic Orange-Blue Gradient, fresh Glossy Teal, charming Grey and delicate Glossy Caramel.

“Sunglasses put the finishing touches to an outfit.”- Perret Schaad

About Perret Schaad:

Perret Schaad was established in 2009 by Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad. Inspired by modern women and their lifestyles, the brand’s pieces show a unique sensibility for colours, a strong focus on details and an interest in creating outstanding, yet wearable designs.Perret Schaad