One For The Road… One For The Workplace!

Eyeglasses were considered nerdy when eyewear was boring. But today as we use eyewear as an accessory, it’s pretty interesting the way each different eyewear can make you look and feel…

You wake up in your pyjamas and grab your bedside eyewear, then you choose the eyewear for your gym, then if you like to read your newspaper while having breakfast you have another pair, when you head to office, you grab your office eyewear, while you drive you use the one that helps you drive better and for that evening date there are few eyewear that you need to choose from.
Well, I guess we don’t do this everyday but for those of you who do and those of you who would love to, welcome to our world of the choicest eyewear for different occasions.
For that office meeting
A thoroughbred professional understands the importance of casting an impression with appearance itself. This appearance includes eyewear as well. Office look calls for simple yet powerfully stylish.
For serious business, classic shapes like rectangles and ovals with a  combination of traditional colours can play magic. If you want to look a little less formal and more creative, multi-coloured laminates could be a great catch.


For the outing with friends
When going out with friends, looking uber-cool is of course high on the priority list, and an eyewear can help with that. It will not only enhance your look, but will help you protect your eyes too.

For the happening party
Eyewear not being a part of the party look is a thing of the past. Today, there are some really interesting options in eyewear even when it comes to the party look. Crazy shapes, bold colours, unique designers are all in.