Makeup Trends From 2015

Makeup artist Lilly Nouilati reflects eye beauty trends and products from 2015

An entire year has gone by and we have seen so many new looks as well as trends rule the roost at different times. The best thing to do before embracing 2016 is to stop and reflect at 2015’s leading makeup trends. As we gear up for the next year, let us remind ourselves of the useful tips and knowledge we gained that helped us get a better look each time we stepped out.  

But where to begin? This is a challenge because there are seriously a ton of beauty tips flowing through Facebook posts, Instagram pics and YouTube videos each day. Imagine the number of tips that flow in throughout the year. It can definitely be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding the best advice to go with. While pampering your face, the whole eye area is definitely an area to dedicate your time to by keeping up with current knowledge and latest trends. Beauty icons such as Joelle Mardinian, Lisa Eldridge, Dalal AlDoub, Huda Kattan, and more tend to bunch their favorite tips into one blog post, episode or video. That clearly makes it much easier to get a grasp on which products to focus on.

When it comes to eye makeup products, it gets a little exciting due to the fact that there are so many areas of the eye to be mindful of. For instance, eyelashes, eyelids, eyebrows, brow bone and of course problems like dark circles, puffy eyes as well as eye protection. I mention eye protection in reference to two methods; one being SPF creams/serums and the other being sunglasses.

Here is a look at top trends from 2015

2015 brought us new looks, a variety of makeup from different brands and a whole lot of beauty tips for both men and women. Here is a look at the top trending tips and looks from 2015.

  1. Creative Cat Eyes: It’s amazing how long the cat eyed (winged) eyeliner trend has been going. 2015 was not the year to let it go. However, it was the year the winged eyeliner look took its stance with a little more emphasis. Everything from double-winged lines, longest winged lines, glitter lines, thick lines, and multi-coloured lines made an appearance not only on Hollywood’s red carpet, but everywhere.
  2. DSC08847False Eyelashes: Most possibly because of all the beauty bloggers, false lashes have taken their rise, especially in 2015. Almost every female knows how to apply falsies, which has driven the curiosity about which brands are the BEST!
  3. The Natural Brow: Thankfully, 2015 has brought us down to earth to embrace our beautiful brows in a more natural way. Keep your natural shape ladies (and gents) and blend, blend, blend. Eye brows define one’s face, and are usually the first thing people notice. Your brow can make-or-break your look, so focus your energy on this if nothing else.
  4. Orange Concealer: Over the past year there was a big hype around using orange and red lip sticks to correct dark circles under the eyes. For those who did not know, there are corrector concealers made by makeup lines that have orange options. So unless you’re truly on a budget, try saving those red/orange lipsticks for your lips.
  5. Organic eyecare:  Again, with all the extensive knowledge people have about hazardous chemicals, and being eco friendly, lots of you are likely to be in favour of DIY methods of beauty. So, organic eyecare is a great choice. Coconut oil has won the hearts of so many during 2015 and will definitely be sticking around into the New Year. Coconut oil can be used as an eye makeup remover; eyebrow/eyelash hair growth stimulator, and around the eye serum. Please note, due to the consistency of coconut oil, it is recommended to use it during the evening or night time.