Eye Makeup Queries Answered by Celebrity Makeup Artist Hannah Lisa

Eye makeup queries from our readers, answered by celebrity makeup artist Hannah Lisa. You can also post your questions as comments below and we will help you get the answers from our experts

My eyes look sunken and swollen even on a regular day and I also wear glasses. Can you suggest some kind of eye makeup to diminish this effect?

Firstly, I’d say to use a good eye-cream morning and night, and drink lots of water. Use a concealer to brighten the under eye area – Dior skin nude is a great choice, and hydrates as well as conceals! If a concealer is not enough, you can try a corrector beneath it. By using an orange based corrector, the blue and grey tones of dark under-eye circles will be reduced, giving a brighter surface to apply your concealer.

I have brown eyes and prefer to wear bright coloured frames (prescription glasses). What kind of colours would you recommend for me when it comes to eye makeup?

There are definitely certain tones and colours that really bring out the colour of your eyes. This works by using either complementary, or contrasting colours. Brown eyes look beautiful with rich plum tones in your eye makeup. You can add this into your eyeshadow, and you can even get plum coloured mascaras. If you’re just looking for a subtle pop of colour, use a coloured kohl liner along the waterline.


I  have small eyes with long eyelashes. Can you suggest the right eye makeup to my eyes stand out?

If you have long lashes, emphasise them! Rather than using a liner along the waterline, use it above the lash line on the top lid. This will thicken your lash line without making your eyes look smaller. If you want to use a liner on the water line, use it in a white or nude colour to widen and brighten your eyes. Use two coats of a volumising mascara like Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara for extra definition.

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Who is Hannah Lisa?

Hannah Lisa is a makeup artist based in Dubai. She has worked with many celebrities, royal and presidential clients from across the globe. Originally from London, she trained at the London College of Fashion and gained experience by working on several projects. Her list of clientele includes work done for magazines like OK, Hello Middle East, Emirates Woman, Cosmopolitan Middle East and a lot more. She has worked for some of the major brands like Versace, Bourjois, Sephora, Cavalli, Wojooh and several models, TV personalities as well as other celebs.